KingWood Fine Cabinetry, located in the historic town of Fredericksburg, Texas, began originally in Greg King’s pickup truck beginning in the early 1970’s. Greg is a 3rd generation wood craftsman with the 4th generation, his son, Dana and his daughter, Marci following in his footsteps.

The 40 + staff members are proud to work at Kingwood because of the superb quality of their cabinets and Greg’s appreciation of the team. The team effort at Kingwood Fine Cabinetry focuses on compiling the individual talents into the collective effort. Greg stresses, “It is important that the team is willing to work together towards the ultimate goal of a happy customer.”


KingWood has produced 5,000+ kitchens and related projects from San Francisco to New York, all varying in size, style, finish and wood types.

The success of KingWood Fine Cabinetry is genuinely unparalleled to any other cabinet company. When Greg thinks about where he has been, his dedicated team, and the remarkable quality of their work, he has one dominate feeling. He says “It makes you proud, really proud.”


Fine cabinet crafting begins with using the highest quality materials. The hardwood we choose is beautiful, durable, and of exceptional grade. We offer a wide variety of woods, from oaks to exotic woods, to satisfy every style and taste. With an eye for detail, such as grain matching, we bring out the wood’s natural beauty which results in an excellent product for you.

At KingWood Fine Cabinetry the stain finishes are hand rubbed and after multiple steps are top coated with a durable non-yellowing epoxy finish. This results in the beauty of the wood’s grain being emphasized.

Paint finishes are coated with multiple coats of a durable high-build, non-yellowing pigmented epoxy material.