When we first saw your cabinet displays at a home builder’s trade show in Midland, we knew we had to come to Fredericksburg to see your showroom and tour your plant. The quality of the people at Kingwood and the workmanship convinced us that we had found our team. Sue was awesome in helping us through the design stage and Terry is an A+ guy. What a hard worker as well as a perfectionist. The quality of construction and installation as well as the finishes not only met, but exceeded our expectations. The entire experience was great!

David and Kristi Alldredge

When we saw your cabinetry on display at a home show in San Antonio, we were so impressed not only by the beauty, but the apparent quality. After having our own cabinets installed, we just can’t say enough about the outstanding attention to the details of the construction, finish and fit. We absolutely recommend Kingwood and their conscientious effort to satisfy from the start to finish.

Pat Brown

I heard all my life that the next thing to follow building or remodeling a home is a divorce. While remodeling our kitchen was a major undertaking with its share of disruption and inconvenience, your team actually made the whole experience enjoyable. There was so much involved and you covered it all, we couldn’t have done it without you. Looking back IB and I were amazed at how fast it was done and the ease with which it was all accomplished, and we were still happily married. The quality of construction and the finishes far exceeded our expectations. Kingwood has definitely set the bar high.

IB & Debbie Buentello

We heard about your company through our neighbors in Boot Ranch, and after visiting your showroom and seeing the quality of your work and the value we could have for the price, we were convinced to go with Kingwood. Your planning and design staff were so helpful and the installers very professional, so that every step was easy…our cabinets are perfect!

David & Kathy Black

We were introduced to Kingwood through our builder, Roberto Kenigstein of Image Homes in San Antonio. Once we came to your showroom and looked at your product, we were convinced that our builder had made the right recommendation. We were impressed with how cooperative all involved were from the initial planning and designing stages clear through to the final installing. Did the overall quality of construction, finishes and installation meet our expectations? We would have to say absolutely. We would not hesitate to recommend Kingwood.

E.J. and Lana Copp

We were not aware of Kingwood Cabinets until our builder who was remodeling our Sonora home suggested we check you out. From the initial visit to your showroom on, we were impressed with the quality of your workmanship and working with Sue. She was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. We were completely satisfied with the finished product as well as the installation and gladly recommend Kingwood Cabinetry.

Mary A. Blach

When asked if we would recommend KingWood to others in the market for furniture grade cabinetry, we answered “Yes, we already have!” David Franziq, our builder recommended we consider KingWood for our cabinetry, and once we saw the quality of workmanship, we could understand why.

Richard and Kay D.

We first heard of KingWood through our next door neighbor. We liked the people, the quality of workmanship, their commitment to satisfaction, and the fact that they are a local business and their products are made in the U.S.A. We certainly recommend KingWood.

Richard and Diane Fetchick

You are a wonderful company to work with. Sue deserves a promotion! She is so knowledgeable and helped us with so many things and caught quite a few (architectural) design flaws. Terry was great in attention to the details. I would not go as far as to say I would build a house again, but I would not hesitate to use KingWood.

Susan Gindy

Being new to Texas, we wanted to check out Fredericksburg and happened to drive by KingWood’s showroom. We were immediately impressed by the quality of workmanship and the wonderful array of finishes. Your design staff was not only accommodating, but extremely dynamic and talented in helping us translate one-dimensional drawings into the reality we were after. We have received many compliments on the design and quality of work. Many thanks to your installers as well, they did a fantastic job in putting it all together. I am so glad that Burl and I accidentally found KingWood when we were searching for kitchen cabinets-we could not have stumbled upon a better manufacturer.

Burl and Kathi Hickman

KingWood planned with us and delivered a “green building”, cost friendly cabinetry package for the entirety of our home. Our cabinets have contemporary lines with heritage craftsmanship and finishes and the service after the sale focused on our complete satisfaction-we could not be happier!

Dan and Peg L.

We were prompted to visit your Fredericksburg showroom after seeing your ad in a San Antonio design magazine. Once we actually saw the various displays of your work we were convinced to use KingWood. I was impressed with the concern of each person I worked with making sure we understood the total cost from the beginning, no surprises. Everyone was so helpful, the installers were fantastic. Sue designed my storage so that everything in my kitchen has a place and I still have an empty drawer!

Lana Hargrove

Just happened by the KingWood showroom and was immediately impressed by the workmanship and quality. Sue was not only helpful throughout the whole process, but made the experience fun. I not only recommend KingWood but plan to get Sue to help me with my next remodel project.

Sunny McKellar

We were introduced to KingWood through a local decorator, Ooh’s & Aah’s Interiors Design. Even though their showroom and factory was in Fredericksburg, they were very helpful in the planning and design stages. We were so impressed from day one with not only the quality of workmanship and design, but the ethics and expertise of their staff. We were completely satisfied and definitely recommend KingWood Fine Cabinetry. FANTASTIC!!

Oscar and Sonia Meza

We were introduced to KingWood through our architect and after visiting your showroom in Fredericksburg and seeing the quality of your workmanship we were convinced that we wanted to go with your product throughout our new home. Your design staff was very helpful and the installers were excellent. Because of your outstanding quality and customer service we would not hesitate to recommend KingWood to anyone in the market for furniture grade cabinetry.

Pat Mozersky

We have actually known about the company since its early days in Llano and Sue, your in-house designer, is my cousin. She was very helpful through the whole process. We were impressed with the outstanding quality and especially the look of the finished product and would certainly recommend KingWood.

Larry and Lisa Otto

Although Greg King was a customer of ours at the Dry Cleaners, it was the quality and superb finishes of their cabinetry that convinced us to go with KingWood. Sue was very helpful and made valuable suggestions. I think the installers were excellent and solved every potential problem on the spot which saved a lot of time and worry. We have been happy with the finished product and wholeheartedly recommend KingWood.

Leslie Spraggins

We were introduced to KingWood through a contractor and after interviewing him we were convinced to go with KingWood. Darrel did a fantastic job in designing a lot of the layout and conveying to the team what we wanted. Your installers sell the experience. Without hesitation we recommend KingWood.

Greg Stoner

We were introduced to KingWood through our architect, Edward Frierson, and liked what we saw. Terry was great! He did a great job and really cares about the quality of his work. We were well pleased with the finished product.

Eric and Katy Taylor

We love our cabinets! Sue is amazing and such fun to work with! She had such wonderful ideas and helped us visualize the finished product. The cabinets far exceeded our expectations. The installers were topnotch-such attention to detail. We felt like Terry was family! We were so happy we could get furniture grade cabinets-like we saw in magazines-so close to home. We proudly sing the praises of the outstanding KingWood craftsmanship.

Dr. BD and Brenda Tiner